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13 Sep 2005

Brentwood and Ongar Member of Parliament, Mr Eric Pickles, has urged Essex County Council to take a stand to stop sites in the county becoming dumping grounds for waste for London and the South East.

Mr Pickles said: ?I am very concerned that because there are some rural areas in Essex that some people wish to use our Green Belt land as waste disposal sites not just for material from Essex but for rubbish from across London and Hertfordshire.

?We have already seen the Leca landfill site between High Ongar and Stondon Massey used as a waste disposal site for rubbish from a wide area bringing with it many heavy lorry movements each day which caused misery to local residents as did the smell from the site and concerns regarding pollution of local water courses by leachate from the site.

?Now we have a planning application submitted for a composting operation to be permanently established in Stondon Massey.

?The site operator has applied for an extension to the licence to allow the composting operation to be permanent and I believe this application must be rejected.

?It appears that the operator is already taking waste from London and Hertfordshire to compost at Stondon Massey when the original scheme was supposedly only for green waste from West Essex and if the site becomes permanent I predict that the operation will start bringing in green waste from a far greater radius across the South East.,

?Not only does that cause inconvenience for local residents ? lorries going past their homes at 4.00am, the smell from the operation and the fires when waste materials are disposed of ? but it does not make environmental sense to cause so much pollution transporting green waste such long distances for composting her in Essex.

?If Essex County Council does not reject this planning application then it is opening the doors for our county to become the waste dump for the South East and that is not something I wish to see.?

?That is why I will be working with Ongar County Councillor Gerard McEwen to make sure that Essex County Council listens to the views of local people and refuses to extend the planning permission for this composting site.?

The latest news from Brentwood and Ongar Member of Parliament, Mr Eric Pickles, can be found on his web page which can be accessed at and people can respond to the latest electronic poll through that site.


Fri, 27 February 2015
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